– Speak about your emotions

In therapy I can assist you in being able to label your emotions and help you express how you feel about a certain situation. This way you will yourself be able to understand your emotional reactions better and thereby be better at understanding your reactions in certain situations.

Not being able to recognise how one really feels can often lead to fear of one’s own emotions or that they are unaccountable. Learning how understand your own emotions and when you react, can help you have a greater acceptance towards your emotional reactions and work one the one’s that are causing you to suffer.

To many it comes as a great relief to find out that their emotional reactions have been quite normal all along. 

Through heightening your emotional intelligence you can be able to decide whether there are some of your reactions that would be worth working on in order to make your life a bit easier.

– Emotion regulation

“Inside (out) you find the 5 basic emotions anger, fear, joy, disgust and sadness.” (Disney Pixar)

Experiencing emotions can for some feel like the volume-button is set to maximum volume. Others notice that they are reacting to events and situations, that others around them barely notice. Feeling like this can be very difficult. Some have had these experiences for so long, that they have developed coping mechanisms that are hurting themselves. One of these coping mechanisms can be to try to avoid feeling all together.

Having difficulty sensing what you are feeling can lead to you feeling like your emotions live their own life and are out of control.

I have specialized in emotions regulations and in therapy I can teach you how to recognise your emotions and how to use emotion regulation techniques. You will realize that you have your own ‘pause’-button, that can be pressed by you, giving you a chance to think and consider things before you react. Knowing one’s own emotions and being able to use emotion regulation techniques help make you brave enough to feel your emotions. Also the joyful ones…