– What is an eating disorder?

Popular belief may state that eating disorders revovle around a wish to become skinny and are about food and exercise. By my belief and experience, that is not the case. An eating disorder can be described as a form of disturbed eating, which has come to exist due to a disturbed life situation. ‘You had a life disorder and you ate accordingly’. Food and exercise are just the means that are used to feel in control or an attempt for finding a way out of emotional pain. 

There are no clear answers to why someone develops an eating disorder. 

Some experience that the eating disorder takes over their lives and that they themselves lose control over their thoughts and actions. 

Through working with treatment of eating disorders for multiple years, I have come to the knowledge that the basis of developing eating disordered thinking and -behavior is far more than just a wish to get skinny. Behind often lies emotions and life situations that the person didn’t know how to deal with.

Together we will seek out to understand what lies behind and why the eating disorder invited it self into your life. 

You can become free and feel like you run things again. But for many they need help. By learning to deal with difficult emotions and thoughts, you can again be brave. Brave enough to work on the anxiety around ‘getting fat’ and ‘losing control’ and to leave your eating disorder.