– What is a difficult relationship?

Having good social relations hold great importance for one’s wellbeing and quality of life. That said, family relations, partnerships, friendships and study/coworker relations can be some of the most emotionally challenging we will face in our lives.

Some take to ‘putting on a social masque’ in order to cope and experience that along the way they are loosing contact with themselves. Others deal with a difficult relation by redrawing more and more and end up feeling lonely.

Is setting boundaries towards others a challenge for you? Does it sometimes feel like that being with other people sucks all your energy? Do you have people in your life where you feel that your relationship is problematic, but you don’t know how or what to do about it?

My aim is to assist you in taking a look at the relations you are in, so that you can consider them and help yourself taking a stand or setting boundaries without hurting the relationship.

This way you can be better at saying ‘no’ and at the same time know when to say ‘yes’.

Through therapy we can take a look at the relationships you have and the relationships you want. By you owning an understanding hereof, you can be better at navigating in your relations, so that you can be yourself and avoid overexpending your energy.