– What is self-worth?

Self-worth can be defined as the thoughts you have about your own value. Thoughts like ‘am I good enough?’ or ‘I am not worthy’. Having a good self-worth means knowing that you are in fact good enough, even though there may be things that you are not good at. 

A low or bad self-worth is often accompanied by thoughts like ‘I am not good enough’, ‘ I don’t deserve good things happening to me’, ‘in reality the people around me don’t care for me’ etc. Such thoughts can cause suffering, sadness and fear and maybe lead to you staying away from situations or other people. Or maybe they lead you to become perfectionistic or overly pleasing towards others, in order to hide how you are in fact feeling on the inside. 

As children we are born with a good sense of self-worth, but during upbringing or due to events in life, we can unwillingly be conditioned with a low self-worth and lose faith in ourselves. 

Together we will be looking at your thoughts and beliefs and thereby find a way of letting you be unconditioned and relearn your own value.