professional psychological aid in downtown

My name is Sofie. I’m an independent Psychologist with my own clinic based in Magstræde, downtown Copenhagen. Here you can receive treatment in the form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is aimed at you getting a better understanding of yourself and learning how to be able to change things, in order to feel better overall. You and read more here

Who goes to a psychologist

About me

Before setting up my own clinic I have earned my authorization as a Psychologist and worked multiple years in the psychiatric field in Copenhagen. Since I have completed a 2 year specialization in CBT and after that an additional 2 year specialization in MCT. For you this means, that you will be guaranteed to be met with both warmth and understanding, but also well-founded professional experience and wast knowledge within psychological treatment.

My clinic is a few minutes walk away from Strøget and easy to find, irrespective to the anonymous looking entrance.


Are you experiencing low self-worth and struggling with thoughts of never being good enough?

eating disorder

Feeling caught in negative thoughts about yourself and your body and are you fearful when it comes to food and eating?

difficult emotions

Often feeling overwhelmed, emotionally unstable or that your emotions are out of control?


Is it difficult to say no to others and are you unsure of how to deal with people close to you?

What can i bring up in therapy?

Above I have made an overview of the most frequent themes I have been presented with by my clients. This doesn’t mean that other issues are excluded from my practise. What is essential to me is that we will always start out by looking into what is important for you to be addressed.