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Efficient therapy now
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Hello! My name is Sofie Paabøl. I am 36 years old and a trained psychologist, cand.psych.aut.

I have worked as a clinical psychologist since 2016 and received my authorization  in 2019.

I’m specializing in CBT and metacognitive therapy and also have experience with DBT. 

I offer specialized treatment and  talk therapy to teens and adults. 

Read more about what I can offer on this page and fill out the  contact form. 


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I offer help with


Problems with perfectionism, self-criticism and feelings of never being 'good enough'.

Eating Disorder

Caught in negative thoughts about yourself and your body and disordered eating.

difficult emotions

Often being overwhelmed by emotions or feeling that your emotions are controlling you?

svære rel

Problems with saying no, social insequirities or having a relationship with someone close that is causing pain.

Professional psychologist in down town

What is psychological treatment?

A psychologist is sought out by people who are finding some part of their life difficult. The treatment consist of conversations where the focus is learning more about one’s situations and how to best deal with it through efficient strategies. 

What can you get help with?

I offer help with anxiety, excessive worrying, stress, perfectionism, low self-worth, self-criticism, difficult choices, difficult relationships, mild to moderate depression, OCD and obsessive thoughts and eating disorders. 


I  offer treatment with CBT, metacognitive therapy and DBT. 

What can a psychologist do for me?

I can help you get a better understanding of yourself and your situation and together we can figure out how you can feel better or deal with what is going on in your current life situation. 

Who can get help?

In my clinic I see teenagers and young adults. 

Why choose a private psychologist ?

By paying for it yourself or having your insurance cover your sessions, you will be able to start therapy within one week.

you are welcomed to

Different treatments can have different lenghts depending on the content.  For some a few sessions does it and for others we agree on a longer duration.

Get appointment within one week.

Individual therapy consists of talk therapy sessions.  1 session is 60 minutes and costs 1150 kr.

If you have a health insurance, they might cover. Members of Sygeforsikring Danmark gets 300 kr. per session refunded.  

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before, if you are hindered to attend our meeting. 

Online clinic since 2024

I have worked with psychological treatment via online video-meetings since 2019.

I find that it gives my clients flexibility and comfort to be able to meet with me from the privacy of their own home and that they can practise their skills with me in their home-setting.

Since 2024 I have shifted to offering exclusively online therapy, so I can meet my clients at their convenience.

Get in touch?

Fill out my contact form below and I will get back to you within one workday. 

+45 91 53 30 28

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